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Legal Issues for Buyers and Sellers In Cocoa Beach

Real Estate Law you should be aware of


Individuals who have visited the wonderful city of Cocoa Beach, Florida, can attest to the urge of longing to be a property owner in the home of over six miles of ocean beaches. Cocoa Beach is a dynamic city with lots of community amenities and a wide range of shopping destinations, entertainment and dining.

Real Estate Law You Should Be Aware Of

In the event you are looking at real estate statistics in Cocoa Beach, with the intent of purchasing a home or condo, it is important to understand the law governing the purchase of such. You may ask your Realtor to take you through all the do’s and don’ts. While this shouldn’t be considered legal advice or a substitute for attorney advice, here is some general info on laws affecting the sale and purchase of property in Cocoa Beach.


The law on seller’s disclosure

The seller disclosure law is a general law affecting the whole of Florida, including Cocoa Beach real estate. Sometime back in Florida, sellers were able to sell property with major construction defects that would bring the value of a property down for unsuspecting buyers. For this reason, the law requires that home or property sellers must disclose to someone planning to buy a home all possible facts and conditions regarding the property, particularly if it could affect the value of the home or property. This regulation is applicable even if the seller has not asked about the condition or defects of the property. Some of the issues that could potentially reduce the value of a home or property may include:











Real Estate Law

Some of the real estate laws in Florida can cause challenges for buyers and sellers.

As a potential buyer, it is your duty to carry out inspections on the property you are seeking to acquire. The seller is only obligated to point out obvious or apparent issues. A good idea is to hire a professional home inspector.  A good home inspector will go through the home thoroughly, inspecting and checking on just about everything. They will also provide you with a written report for your records & negotiations with the seller. Home inspections can range between $200-$500 depending on the location and the size of the house, and the inspector can point out any “red flags” that may require further investigation which can avoid many legal issues.  Many times this includes going through crawl spaces, basement, attics, and roofs.  All of this must be completed within the timing drawn out in the purchase agreement fully completed and documented prior to the real estate closing


The Due process of selling or buying a property in, Florida


Depending on the state or city, the process of buying or selling a property is different. For those in Cocoa Beach, Florida, the following steps should be followed with the help of your Realtor.








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