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Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution process that can be used to resolve family law disputes and dissolve marriages effectively and peacefully.  Because of its nature, divorce mediation is usually less stressful, less costly, and far less damaging to relationships than traditional divorce.

In mediation, the spouses work to resolve issues by consulting a neutral party, called the mediator.  The mediator acts as a facilitator to the divorce.  While the mediator cannot give legal advice to either party and cannot be the personal attorney for either party, the mediator serves a valuable role in providing information to both spouse and in making sure that the spouses understand what their decisions do.

How a divorce mediator in VA Beach, Chesapeake or Norfolk can help

Parties who choose to work with a divorce mediator do so voluntarily, and they can decide to leave the mediation process at any time. During mediation, either or both spouses can choose to seek legal advice from their own divorce lawyers. You can even request that your attorney In Virginia Beach be present during mediation.

The divorce mediator at Hood Law has years of experience handling what are often sensitive and potentially hostile issues that crop up during divorce.  We are skilled at handling disputes that include the following issues:

A goal of mediation in divorce is to memorialize the terms on which the parties agree in a document.  Both parties then have the document reviewed by their own attorney.  The Virginia Beach divorce lawyers at Hood Law pride themselves in staying current with divorce law changes and enjoy helping spouses come to a positive resolution of their issues.  We realize the importance of keeping a mediation moving forward and know how to keep communication open.  As experienced, skilled family law litigators, we remain current on matrimonial law.

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