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Life in the service of our country can be hard and our service members face challenges both on and off the battlefield. Additionally, the families of active duty service members must bear many hardships and make a number of sacrifices. Frequent reassignment, long deployments, and on-the-job stress--these can place a strain on any marriage. These hardships have led to a rise in divorce rates among military service members. In 2008, the Pentagon reported that FAQs page.

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Despite the resilience of the members of our service members and the programs instituted by the military, some marriages are ultimately beyond saving. And for service members, coping with the reality of divorce can be a difficult and isolating experience. During this tough time, a military divorce lawyer from the Hood Law firm, who understands not only the law of divorce but also the realities of military life, can be both a comfort and a valuable advantage in the divorce process.

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The military divorce lawyers of Hood Law understand the special issues that confront active and former members of the United States armed services. That is why, for several years, we have provided legal services — including family law and estate planning — to the members of the Virginia military community. If you are in Chesapeake, Norfolk or elsewhere in VA, call our office at or contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced military divorce lawyers.