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In Virginia, both parents have a legal duty to provide support for their children. The Virginia child support laws provide guidelines and a formula for calculating the child support obligations of each parent. Although these guidelines and calculations can be very confusing, the attorneys of Hood Law, have extensive experience helping clients understand the Virginia child support laws.  We put our years of experience to work for you.

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Our Virginia Beach family law attorney makes sure you are aware of factors that can have a profound effect on child support. For example, shared custody of more than 90 nights per year can affect child support payment obligations. However, a parent should not attempt to take on custodial duties simply to reduce child support payments. We also assist clients in addressing issues such as determining income in the context of self-employment.

Assistance with modification and enforcement of VA child custody

In addition, we address issues relating to child support modification requests due to a significant change of circumstances, such as a drastic change in either parent’s earnings. Custodial parents often face hardship when the non-custodial spouse is delinquent in support payments. The Virginia Department of Social Services is quite aggressive in tracking down deadbeat parents and extracting payment by garnishing wages, withholding state and federal tax refunds and other means of enforcement. You may contact DSS on your own, but an experienced Virginia Beach lawyer who is familiar with the agency and their processes can be a valuable asset getting you started.

As with child custody and other issues surrounding your divorce, we can help you attempt to facilitate an agreement regarding child support, or we can aggressively advocate for you in court.

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