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Did you know that the title company you use for a home closing is not permitted to give legal advice? This means they may not provide you with detailed information about the documents that you are signing. In addition, many people in the mortgage business have only limited experience with the types of legal disputes that arise after the papers have been signed. Even if the title company could provide you with a detailed explanation of documents, they may not have the sufficient knowledge to do so. In this era of real estate & mortgage turmoil, you should have reliable guidance.

If you have a REALTOR that specializes in condominiums, please have them forward us any condo docs they have acquired in the process of your real estate transaction.

At Joseph W. Hood, Jr. & Associates/Messman Law, PLC, we provide dedicated advocacy when closing on residential property. We will inform you of your rights and legal duties before you sign any closing documents. Rest assured, our firm will help you thoroughly understand every term, clause and condition.

Close and effective counsel for mortgage refinancing

Much like your real estate closing, the refinancing of your house can lead to potential legal issues if you do not fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Our Virginia Beach lawyers are at your side to make sure your interests are protected in all stages of the refinancing process, from the initial consultation with the mortgage lender to the time you sign the papers. We assist with lender agreements, refinancing papers and all other aspects of home refinancing.

Informed by more than 25 years of experience in real estate law, we have the ability to protect your rights during home closings and refinance negotiations.

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If you have questions about how to refinance your home or a home closing, call or contact us online to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney. We provide the information you need to make informed real estate decisions.