Do you want to adopt a child?
Are you contemplating a divorce?
Is your former spouse planning to relocate to another state with your children?
Has there been a significant change of circumstances to warrant a post-divorce modification of custody, visitation or support?
Having a child custody dispute?

The family law attorneys of Hood Law can provide you with the answers and information you seek. We utilize a hands-on approach that provides you with the benefit of the military experienced attorney, who has more than 20 years of military and legal experience, and has mentored other lawyers and legal professionals. Click here for more information about my firm and the benefits of retaining us for your family law matters.

Our attorneys in Virginia Beach have extensive experience with all aspects of family law including:

  • Adoption - including stepparent adoption
  • Alimony and spousal support - including determining if a spouse is eligible for support, and the length of time and amount of the alimony or support payments
  • Child custody and visitation - including creating a workable parenting time plan or visitation schedule, as well as assistance with child custody and visitation issues arising out of one parent relocating out of state
  • Child support - including assisting you in understanding the child support guidelines in Virginia, as well as determining if your circumstances warrant a deviation from the Virginia child support guidelines
  • Property division - including classification issues (separate, marital or hybrid property and debts), commingling issues, and valuation of complex assets like professional businesses, stock options, and pension plans
  • Divorce - including contested, uncontested, and military divorce
  • Divorce planning - including advice on properly structuring your bank accounts, bills, and properly titling your assets
  • Military divorce - representing military personnel and non-military spouses in a divorce, including residency issues, property issues, military pension issues, and other issues prevalent in a divorce as well as issues unique to the military
  • Post-Divorce Modifications - including determining if you have a significant change in circumstances qualifying you for a post-divorce modification, such as relocation issues for child custody and visitation modifications, loss of employment for child support modifications, and remarriage for alimony modifications

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