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Fort Worth Personal Injury

We have recently opened another law office in Fort Worth Tx.  Our Fort Worth business partner, The Price Law Firm, will be specializing in Personal Injury Claims, Bankruptcy Law and Hurricane Claims.

We prepare for all of our cases as if we’re preparing for trial.   To fully understand our clients specific circumstances, we deem it necessary to investigate the scene where their accident/injury occurred. This provides us with all of the legal tools to fight the large insurance companies and corporations.

At Hood Law, our clients always come before financial gain. Our attention to detail delivered proves our dedication and commitment towards each personal injury case. When you hire Hood Law, you can expect to be treated like family.

We work hard to provide you with the personalized legal representation and legal care for you. We prioritize keeping our clients involved every step of the way. When they feel the need to address their questions and concerns about their legal matters, our compassionate attorneys are there to be a listening ear.


 At Hood Law, we only partner with the best law firms from around the country.   The Price Law Firm is made up of William Price, Turner Rouse and Bryan Tharp.  Each with years of experience and all ready to fight for you.
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